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MCC puts women's affairs and issues on top of its priorities by providing all possible and available expertise in the hands of the women of Silwan in particular and of Jerusalem in general. MCC's services and activities targeting women and young women aim at empowering them on several economic, legal and psycho-social levels to reduce the pressures experienced by them in light of the multiple roles that are often demanded of them and the challenging circumstances.

The services offered by MCC also aim at enhancing the role of women in social change and in public life and to enhance the economic independence of women and youth entrepreneurs in Jerusalem to create role models as agents of change towards an inclusive community. This is achieved through offering vocational trainings and courses and that enable the women to start their own businesses and entrepreneurial projects as well as through widening the marketing scope for women’s products in order to increase income from such projects.

Women groups at MCC have participated in several local exhibitions and bazaars, in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and in 1948 areas, as well as in some international exhibitions. The courses offered thus far included sewing, designing, embroidery, cooking, jewelry and accessories, handicrafts, makeup and haircut artistry, soap and natural creams.

The first MCC women entrepreneur group was established in 2009; it began with six women and by the year 2020 more than two hundred women joined. The women group has managed over the past few years to prove its active presence through various initiatives and their active participation in public life.

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