Madaa’s Goals & Objectives

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Madaa's Strategic and Specific Objectives

  • Strategic Objective 1: To contribute to the steadfastness of the Jerusalemite community, through social, economic, cultural and legal empowerment, and sensitizing the local community towards issues of democracy, human rights and gender justice.

1.1 To continue determined efforts to build and develop Madaa's programs to meet the needs of Jerusalemite community and raise their awareness on psychosocial, economic, cultural and legal topics.

1.2 To strengthen social, cultural and sports cooperation within Palestinian society and to support exchange of knowledge and experiences among the Palestinian people.

  • Strategic Objective 2: To contribute to the empowerment of Jerusalemite women and the enhancement of their participation and involvement in all aspects of public and private life based on gender equality and women’s human rights.

2.1 To enable Jerusalemite women to have an essential and effective role in society through their participation in Madaa’s capacity building and awareness raising programs.  

2.2 To enhance social and economic situation of Jerusalemite women through vocational trainings. 

  • Strategic Objective 3: To contribute to creating a secure environment for Jerusalemite children, through the provision of support services, and to promote the engagement of youth as agents of change in their local communities.

3.1 To create a safe, supportive and nurturing environment for children in Jerusalem that enables them to enjoy a healthy childhood and express themselves through Madaa's psychosocial, recreational, educational and cultural programs.

3.2 To support children to fulfill their potential, enjoy their hobbies, explore and engage safely with the world around them.

3.3 To provide Legal support for ex-detained children in Jerusalem through Madaa's legal support program.  

  • Strategic Objective 4: To develop Madaa’s capacity and resources and strengthen its self-sustainability.