Women Alliance in Silwan named “Arobah” meaning ‘Arabism’-The Women Group

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A woman is one of the pillars of the Palestinian society; she supports the rising of the society, she is also an effective companion of the man in all fields of employment and in the struggle against oppression and darkness. A group of women from Silwan formed an alliance named“Arobah- the women group”to express the presence of women and their effective achievements as well as their attendance to enhance the local community in Silwan. Many of them are trying to revive the women's union, which once had a vital role to the social life in their village.

Madaa Center’s women group meets weekly to organize workshops and debates on women and society. They also work hard to confront the circumstances caused by the political reality that is imposed on their lives.

The women group, which began with six women in 2009 and reached to more than one hundred women by the beginning of 2016, has managed over the past few years to prove itself through the ideas and activities of the participatingwomen. Today this group organizes different courses and services in sewing, embroidery, languages, computer skills, sports, accessories, awareness sessions on various topics, and psychological support services.

Women groups participate in several local exhibitions and bazaars "in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the interior parts of Palestine”, as well as some international exhibitions, by presenting their products to the local community.