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Madaa Creative Center gives children a significant rank and is interested in providing educational events and extracurricular activities that develop the child's abilities and increase a child’s activity and vitality.

“Dandara Group”
Dandara is a name of a Palestinian rap group. The group was established for the teens of Silwan town in the Madaa Creative Center in...
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Dabke- Traditional Palestinian Dance
In April of 2009 the Madaa Creative Center established the “Madaa Dabke Group” which is comprised of boys and ....
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Theater and Drama
In September 2009a course to teach and train indicative theater had opened, and 15 children had participated in the session then. ...
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Silwan Draws
Madaa Center has continued its creations by opening a School of Art under the slogan, "Silwan Paints", because painting is an art that ...
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