Psychological Support and Protection

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MCC began offering psychological and social support for children and women in Silwan in 2011, which expanded in 2016 to all Palestinian communities in Jerusalem. The program works on enhancing the concept of mental health among Palestinians in Jerusalem. This is done through the provision of a series of psycho social services, which include individual, group and family counseling, consultation and follow up, debriefing sessions, an accompaniment program for children facing harsh psychosocial and economic conditions, home visits to ex detainee children and their families, and target all those affected by the human rights violations of the Israeli occupation.

Furthermore, cases that require specialized psychological support are referred to relevant institutions. MCC integrates its beneficiaries in the center’s various activities, particularly those of psychological nature such as awareness workshops, open days and summer camps.

Since the town of Silwan is highly disaster prone, people face daily disaster situations in the form of house demolition, settler attacks, arrests, lack of municipal services and neglect, and area excavations. Therefore; the organization has taken effort educating individuals and groups on how to respond to disaster and emergency situations, and as a result, “Emergency Response Groups” have been formed and trained on the issues of rescue, especially of women, children and the elderly, to safer places.