Madaa Creative Center organized a youth camp for the youth group at the center for three consecutive days north of Palestine; which is part of the center’s efforts to build the capacities of youth to become educated and aware leaders who are capable of positive change. The group was accompanied and supervised by the center’s staff on the camp to the north of Palestine that started by heading to the north on the morning of 12/11/2021 and returned to Jerusalem on 14/11/2021.

On the first day the group headed to the Galilee where they started a climbing trail for three hours using ropes on the (Manara) mountain that overlooks Palestinian borders, later the youth group visited the (Hawla) valley where they were introduced to the history and nature of the area. They also visited a sanctuary for immigrant birds in the area where they watched an educational movie on the importance of preserving and protecting the environment and the risks of neglecting it on wild life. This activity was followed by a walking trail in the valley to watch migrating birds.

The first day was concluded by setting the tents on the Jordan River sides and holding evening activities that aimed at building the group and ice breaking among the participants, as well as holding cultural competitions by dividing the youth into groups.

On the second day of the camp, the group headed in the morning for a tour in the lake of Tiberias where they were introduced to the environment and history of the place on the trail that lead to (Wadi Al-Hammam) valley and then they participated in a climbing challenge on the mount of (Arbel) without using ropes, and lastly they arrived to (Ibn M’aan) castle, during  the trail the youth learned about the type of stones and nature in the mountain and they enjoyed the view from the upper galilee and (Al-Sheikh) mountain.

They later returned to the camping area where the supervising staff prepared and organized activities and competitions through which the youth were cooperative in sharing the tasks for lightning the fire and preparing food. They also participated in physical trainings and the day was concluded with a barbeque party and a musical evening along with Dabke dancing.

On the third day, the group headed in the morning to Akka city where the participated in (Finding the treasure) competition; the staff hid evidences in historical and touristic attractions in the old city of Akka, and the youth were given the mission to find the evidences in groups through reading signs and communicating with the residents in the city and taking pictures; the aim of the activity is to learn about the city and its landmarks. The tour was concluded with an entertainment activity by riding speed boats.

Later in the day, the youth headed to the (Yarakon) river and participated in a bike trail along the river. The activities of the camp were concluded by holding an interactive feedback and evaluation among the participants, the staff and the guides in the camp, the youth expressed their happiness and excitement regarding their participation in the camp and we returned to our beloved city Jerusalem.

The youth camp experience was rich and unique through which (MCC) aimed to enhance the youth’s cultural awareness through developing their skills for learning, discovering and adventure besides participating in physical sports and new adventures that helped them with breaking barriers and overcoming fears. Additionally, the camp activities helped them with building their self-confidence and enhancing the required team and communication skills as a group; as they were able to gather every evening and participated in several recreational and entertainment activities through brain games, singing and music, they laughed and sang songs for Jerusalem and Silwan away from the world of technology.    

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