Madaa Creative Center Concludes its Glass Painting Course for Women

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Madaa Creative Center concluded the glass painting training for a group of women from Jerusalem and Silwan, at the Madaa Center Club in the Wadi Hilweh neighborhood of Silwan.

The training lasted for two months, composing thirty six training hours with the participation of twenty women from the village of Silwan and Jerusalem. The training included practical and theoretical learning, where the women learned about the history of the profession of glass painting and its uses. It is considered one of the oldest historical arts that was widely spread in Palestine. They also learned the types of glass, colors and pens used for drawing on it, and the methods of combining them.

In addition to the practical framework, where the women applied everything they learned during the training in terms of dotting, drawing, transferring drawings, and free drawing. They decorated old mirrors, and glassware that they had in their homes.

Trainer Amal Sabah expressed her pride in the final product of the group, as they exhibited their work during the last day of the training. She said that most of the participating women mastered what they learned during the training in a spectacular way, enabling them to take the glass painting craft as a job.

The glass painting training is part of a series of handicraft training exercises organized by Madaa Center which includes many training exercises such as embroidery, women's jewelry making, producing therapeutic soap and recycling, which aims to empower women economically by giving women the necessary tools and information that they can develop to open their own project.

 It is worth noting that the women participating in the handicraft training today participate in exhibitions all over Palestine, where they display the products they handmade, and some of them opened their own business to contribute to the income of their family.