Madaa Creative Center concludes a series of trainings within the “Knowledge is Power” project

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Through the partnership between Madaa Creative Center - Silwan and the German Heinrich Böll Foundation, in the “Knowledge is Power” project, Madaa Creative Center concluded a number of trainings for a group of Jerusalemite activists and leaders. It included a documentation training using computer software and mobile phone documentation training.

The center carried out two trainings on documentation using computer programs; each training targeted 11 female activists and community leaders from Jerusalem and Silwan during the period from 14th July until 27th July 2020 at the rate of 20 training hours for each training, where the women learned about the concept of written documentation, its goals and objectives; such as documenting events, biographies, information sources and more.

One of the trainings also introduced participants to how to use a computer and take advantage of its various programs for written documentation purposes. It also included learning how to use the Zoom program to hold or attend meetings and trainings. The training was divided into practical and theoretical sections, and through it the women applied what had been learned during training days.

The training received interaction and approval from the participants. One participant commented: “Whenever I needed to use the computer, I would ask my daughter to help me and she ends up getting the task done for me. Now that I have finished training and applied everything I have learned, I can accomplish my tasks on my own, which makes me very happy.”

Madaa Center also conducted another training on documenting human rights violations using mobile phones. It targeted 18 activists and community leaders from Silwan and surrounding towns. It was implemented over a period of eight days during August 2020, with 40 training hours.

The training included both theoretical and practical sections. It focused on how to document human rights violations in Jerusalem in general and Silwan in particular, such as policies of arresting children, house demolitions, house raids, and others. The mobile phone is a tool in the hands of the majority and its use for documentation is extremely important especially for those who follow the documentation mechanisms properly. This is what the participants in the training learned and implemented, especially since these violations occur continuously and suddenly without the presence of press crews or documentation specialists.

The training also included a theoretical course on documentation, photography, and presenting samples of footage (photos, videos, and films) that have been produced by phone. The trainer trained participant women on how to use the correct shooting angles to take pictures properly. In addition to the basics of video shooting, where some skills that increase the intensity and quality of photography were shown, also training the method of filming interviews, popular editing programs, and adding audio and text.

At the end of the training, the participants presented films filmed and produced by them, which was distinguished by its simulation of the reality of women's lives in Jerusalem in general and Silwan in particular. The training was concluded with a general evaluation of the course and the distribution of certificates to the participants.

These trainings are part of the “Knowledge is Power” project, in partnership with the German Heinrich Böll Foundation - Palestine and Jordan office. The project aims to empower women leaders and activists politically, socially, legally and culturally, in addition to providing a safe space for them to be able to get out of the challenges and burdens of daily life, and enhance their self-confidence and their role in society as leaders and activists.

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