Madaa of Creative Implements an Open Day for Children and Women

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Madaa Creative Center - Silwan implemented an open day for children and women in cooperation with the Coordinating Committee of the partner institutions with UNICEF in Jerusalem on Sunday 02-02-2020.

The activities varied between arts and movement, with the aim of entertaining the participants and helping them unwind. The open day began with the activity of handicrafts, where children used their own little hands to make puppets for themselves. Then they moved to the Telematch Competition station, where the children were divided into groups to compete against each other and challenge one another by playing together. There was an enthusiastic, interactive and fun atmosphere during the competitions.

As for the activities of women, they aimed to give them space to communicate with each other and unwind. At the beginning of the activities, each woman expressed herself, focusing on the positive aspects of her personality, and then each one of them chose a card with positive phrases to read to the other participants.

The women responded the most to unwinding through laughter and music. This activity provided the opportunity for women to laugh with the aim of releasing the negative energy resulting from the different stresses of life. As for the therapeutic music, the women were rejoiced by singing and playing musical instruments

At the end of the day, a woman expressed her admiration for the events and said that she felt like a little girl full of positive energy.

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