Madaa’s First Youth Winter Camp Entitled “We Become Stronger with You”

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Madaa Creative Center - Silwan organized its first youth winter camp for its group of young adults entitled “We Become Stronger with You” at Madaa Center, Wadi Hilweh Branch -Silwan.

The camp lasted for several days, and included many events and activities where each day carried a different title and goal, such as young leadership, planning for the future, safe space, know your country and more.

The center sought to achieve several goals through the camp, which were to educate the youth group about the importance of caring for their future and the relentless pursuit of achieving their goals, in addition to other skills such as managing and organizing time, commitment, and spending time away from social media.

The camp rules were drafted by both the youth and the camp facilitators to follow, being driven by the youth themselves aimed to train them on commitment, seriousness and decision-making skills. Among the most prominent of these rules are turning off mobile phones, commitment to time, seriousness and mutual respect.

The other goal of the camp was psychological unwinding, expression and communication with oneself using a method of psychotherapy by means of arts. The youngsters made shapes with clay expressing themselves in addition to other activities that express the safe space of each person.

As for the last objective of the camp, it was to inform the youth about their village Silwan, and their city Jerusalem, as well as their historical importance where the group visited the most prominent and historical landmarks and received information about the places they visited. To conclude the activities the youth had a Jerusalemite breakfast of (Ka’ek bread and Falafel) on the steps of Damascus Gate (Bab Al Amoud) in Jerusalem.

This camp comes within the activities of the youth empowerment program for them to have an effective role in community leadership.

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