Madaa of Creative Center Concludes its Third Winter Camp with the Title “A Warm Winter”

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Madaa Creative Center - Silwan recently concluded its winter camp, “Warm Winter”, for the third year in a row, with a celebration in which dozens of children from Silwan attended. The camp was held in the Center’s three branches, “Wadi Hilweh - Ein Al Loza – and Batn Al Hawa”.

The camp included several open days, including a Puppet Theater Day, a Cultural Day, Healthy Day and the Little Chef, a Sports Day, an Artistic Day,  a Mental Health Day and the new year celebration.

Puppet Theater Day:

The opening activities of the camp started with the puppet theater day, where many theatrical sketches were displayed. The most important were the struggle between knowledge and ignorance, and other sketches on honesty, honoring one’s parents, road safety, and the importance of maintaining hygiene. The children made shapes from felt with the help of some of their mothers to act out a play about the winter season. The children enjoyed eating popcorn while watching and discussing the events of the plays shown.

Healthy Day and the Little Chef

The second day of the camp was entitled “Healthy Day and Little Chef”, which started with sport activities, then an open discussion on the importance of healthy eating, and distinguishing between healthy and unhealthy foods. The children also got acquainted with the different types of fruits through the activity of coloring fruit shapes. Then they ate a healthy meal of Mujdara with a salad and yogurt, which women from the women's group at the center volunteered to prepare. They concluded the day with the Little Chef activity where children made chocolate ball desserts from cookies and coconuts.

Sports Day

The day of movement, energy and many activities under the motto “a healthy mind in a healthy body”, the most important activities of this day were the Tele match activities where children were divided into teams to challenge one another, and they had several competitions and games including hopscotch, parachute, tug of war, balance games, intelligence games and other activities that painted a smile on the faces of our children.

Psychosocial Health Day

In partnership between the “Treatment and Rehabilitation center for Victims of Torture”  and “Madaa Creative Center” ; psychosocial health day was organized using the psychodrama technique, the day included several activities such as ice breakers, getting to know each other, and expressing oneself where every child talked about his dreams, aspirations and qualities, using the theatrical stage. At the end of the day, the children left happily after they were given sweets and gifts.

The Cultural Day

To encourage children on the importance of reading, seeking and learning, the cultural day was organized as one of the camp days under the title “Be Educated”. The books and stories from Madaa Library were displayed for each child to choose the one they want. One of the children also shared his dream to become a novelist and narrated a short story written by him to the rest of the children.

 there was also an awareness event on the issue of cyber bullying, its harms and its dangers, and to whom a person can go to in case s/he is bullied. In addition they watched educational films about the biography of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him). The children drank a winter drink called Sahlab while listening to a folk story entitled Al Hattab, which was told by Grandma Mona Samreen (Umm Atef).

The Artistic Day

During the artistic day, the children said goodbye to the year 2019, and greeted the year 2020 by writing their wishes and hanging them on the wish tree they made and decorated. Then they decorated jugs and posters with mosaic stones. And they made cake molds to celebrate the end of the year and the start of their new year.

Open Day

The winter camp was concluded with the Open Day activities in the presence of the clown Amo Zuzu who started the activities with a story about the winter season and how to prevent diseases and stay safe during the winter season, followed by interactive dances with children. The day included many other activities, such as face painting and making shapes out of balloons. The children left happily after the center's staff gave them a gift to end the camp with.

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