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MCC focuses on implementing activities that aim at promoting Palestinian culture among children, youth and women in Jerusalem, strengthening children's identity and general knowledge on their history and heritage and increasing their cultural awareness in an attempt to build their social identities and to enjoy the historic and cultural richness in their city Jerusalem in particular, and in Palestine in general. 

Moreover, the center provides capacity building and awareness raising activities aimed at providing support for the community and contribute to building a better future. For this purpose, MCC runs the following sub-programs:

1. Educational Hub:

This hub provides various child and adult educational activities according to need and in consultation with the community, such as workshops, study circles, in addition to support courses for school students the center provides assistance for school students through offering courses under the supervision of qualified teachers, particularly in math and English.

Moreover, computer lessons, handicrafts, music, dabke and remedial teaching support for children and youth are offered.

2. Women Cultural Café:

The Café offers educational and cultural activities, with the aim of empowering women culturally and socially, particularly local community leaders, developing their knowledge and skills, changing gender stereotypes, and building women’s leadership capacities.

A women reading club was established in the year 2020 with the regular participation of women in club's monthly reading and discussion sessions. 

Additionally, MADA aims at providing a safe and healthy environment for Palestinian children and organizes several recreational, extracurricular, sports and fun activities for children in Jerusalem that develop their abilities and capacities. Various other cultural activities are organized annually, such as children summer and winter camps, women and youth camps.  

Madaa's Dabke Group- Traditional Palestinian Dance
In April 2009, Madaa Creative Center established the “Madaa Dabke Group” which is comprised of boys and girls from all ages. The group has performed across and outside Palestine.
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"I Love You Silwan" Annual Summer Camp
Under the slogan "I love you Silwan" regulates the creative over the center every year since 2007, a summer camp free of charge in the town, for children
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Dandara Rap Group
Within the annual activities provided by Madaa center to the children of Silwan, is the regulation of a two month long summer ...
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Educational Field Trips and Tours
The center provides many educational field trips and tours throughout the country, particularly visits to museums and to depopulated ...
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