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Through its long years of working closely with women and children in Silwan and in other Jerusalemite communities, MCC has realized the huge demand for legal protection and urgent  legal services for children and women, especially those  disadvantaged and impacted by violations of the Israeli  occupation. Consequently, MCC created a legal department, which provides a variety of free-of-charge legal services, in the form of individual and consultation, counseling and litigation services to those in need, particularly detained children and their families. Additionally, legal awareness is provided to the general public and to children, youth, women and families, such as workshops and information sessions. The awareness sessions focus on topics such as detention and interrogation, home demolitions, house arrests, and the rights of Jerusalemites.  The program employs lawyers, who mainly represent Palestinian children from Jerusalem at Israeli military courts and provide them with legal consultation throughout the interrogation and detention process. They also provide legal advice and counseling to the parents of detained children.

Additionally, the program works on documenting the cases of detained children from the various communities in Jerusalem and from the city itself. Since the establishment of the legal department at Madaa, (MCC)'s lawyers have represented an average of 80% of detained children in Jerusalem on a monthly basis. In 2019, MCC documented 522 cases of child arrests in East Jerusalem, MCC legal department represented 387 of them. 

Moreover, MCC realizes the need for children and women to have access not only to legal aid, but also to psychosocial counselling in cases of physical or mental abuse, or detention, which is also provided to them and their families according to need.