Development of Madaa's Branches

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Beginning in 2016, Madaa Creative Center (MCC) resolved to make its services more accessible by establishing branches in different parts of Silwan. The new branches of (MCC) in Batten el Hawa and Ein el Loze neighborhoods in Silwan aim at offering quality services to the residents of the most entrenched parts of Silwan – the parts that can only be reached by foot and lack open and large enough spaces needed for gathering, social, recreational and collective activities in East Jerusalem neighborhoods.

Today, MCC works within 4 major programs and runs 5 branches, a playground, a kindergarten, a legal department, and a media department (Wadi Hilweh Information Center). Madaa’s branches offer ‘safe spots' and ‘recreational spaces’ for children, youth and adults to spend meaningful time outside of their family homes and develop their skills and knowledge while keeping them off the streets; where they are exposed to many dangers in light of socially, economically and politically harsh conditions.

(MCC) continuously strives to develop its programs to meet the needs of the local community in Jerusalem, including for women benefiting from Madaa's socially and economically empowering program. Therefore, by the end of 2011, MCC established a cultural cafe in Wadi Hilweh in Silwan that served as a gathering space for children, youth and women, and where women could display their handmade work for purchases by the public and visitors of the center. 4 months later into the year 2012, the Israeli municipality demolished the wooden structure. A playground for children and other facilities in the same area were also demolished by the Nature and Parks Authority later that year under the pretext of "removing trash".

Nontheless, MCC has always strived to provide the needed space for women; during the year 2020 MCC rented a new space at Wadi Hilweh specifically for the use of women's cultural cafe activities. 

Furthermore, MCC made a remarkable progress in March 2020 by opening a public library, the Edward Said library, located at (Wadi Hilweh).