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Our mission is to build a strong, knowledgeable and involved Arab Palestinian community in Silwan, and to provide educational and recreational activities and courses mainly for children, teenagers and women as well.

Madaa’s Goals & Objectives
To continue determined efforts to meet the needs of the local community in Silwan....
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Context & The Idea of Establishing the Center
The idea to establish the Madaa Creative Center emerged as a result of the harsh conditions and circumstances experienced by the residents of Silwan. These harsh situations...
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Development of Madaa's Branches
Madaa Creative Center was established in 2005, but in 2007 it became an officially independent civil non-profit organization that does not have any political links or ambitions....
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The Center’s Logo
The center chose a “fig leaf” to be its logo because the people of Silwan are very proud of the fig trees grown in their town...
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