Madaa of Creativity- Silwan Organizes a Workshop on “Legal Guidance” for Young Adults

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Madaa Creative Center - Silwan organized a legal awareness workshop for the youth group entitled (Know your rights) at Madaa Center Club in Wadi Hilweh on Sunday 11/24/2019.

The workshop was run by the center's lawyer, Ms. Razan Al-Joubeh who explained to the audience about the rights of children and minors during arrest, investigation or search or their exposure to violence or abuse by the occupation. These rights were discussed based on an interactive approach where several games and activities were prepared through which the lawyer and the children discussed their rights and distinguished between the conceptions and misconceptions about children's rights. A lot of rights are unknown to many because they are unfamiliar to them.


Some of the attendees also shared their personal experiences of arrest, detention or physical search in the street.  They also shared their stories of when their homes or the homes of a relative were raided and the attacks and abuses they suffered during these invasions.

The center's social worker, Oday Qaraain, also explained the negative psychological and social effects resulting from arrests especially the arrest of children. He also presented a collection of drawings and images from the campaign of Room Number 4 aimed at raising awareness about what the child goes through at the time of arrest. The audience discussed the meaning behind each picture and put a suitable title for it.

The Center aims to hold legal awareness workshops to raise awareness among different segments of society about the rights of children in general and the rights in the event of arrest or detention in particular.

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