Madaa Organizes Open Days In Silwan and Issawiya

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Madaa Creative Center-Silwan recently organized an open day in the villages of Silwan and Issawiya, with the participation of dozens of children and parents.
Deputy director of Madaa Center, Sahar Al Abbasi, said: “the purpose of these open days is to bind children with their parents, and to break barriers between them through various targeted activities. In Silwan, children and parents from Madaa Center’s four branches participated in an open day at the Wadi Hilweh park in the village in order to take them out to a vast space away from closed rooms to enjoy an entertaining atmosphere after the winter season is over.”
Abbasi added: “At Madaa we are used to expanding our services to other areas besides the village of Silwan where the Center was founded, so this time we aimed towards Al Issawiya which suffers like many other neighborhoods in Jerusalem from the lack of playgrounds and places of entertainment, and has social and political problems. Therefore, we organized an open day there where more than 100 children participated as well an amazing participation from their parents, and the highlight of today was the clown activities.”
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