After the Summer Vacation... Madaa Creative Center Resumes its Activities ... Back to School Activities and Celebrating the Islamic New Year

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Madaa Creative Center - Silwan has resumed its activities and events for children across its three branches “Wadi Hilweh, Ein Al Loza, and Batn Al Hawa” in the town of Silwan following the end of the summer vacation, during which the center organized the largest series of summer events “Enjoy the summer ... Have fun ... and Learn”, which was attended by more than three thousand children.


Back to School Activities

Madaa Creative Center – Silwan, in its three branches, organized activities for children on the occasion of their return to school.

In the main branch of Wadi Hilweh - Silwan, coordinator Hanadi Al Abbasi said: “We held a workshop for children that included many artistic and cultural activities. There was a discussion with the children about how they felt about their schools, their answers varied; we demonstrated the importance of school and learning and that degrees are our weapon these days. Children also made dolls out of wool and decorated pens.”


At the center's branch in Ein Al Loza - Silwan, Coordinator Abeer Al Abbasi said: “We organized an open day in which we celebrated with children the occasion of the new school year and their return to school. Children talked about their first day of school, especially that some moved to new schools, so we gave them advice and guidance about school. The children also made paintings and decorated drawings with crepe paper. The ceremony included face painting, distribution of sweets and balloons, competitions and races, dancing, singing and role play.”

As for Madaa Center, Batn Al Hawa branch- Silwan, coordinator Nemati Sanad said: “Back-to-school activities included talking to children about their first day of school and how they prepared themselves for it, and their purchase of stationery and school supplies. Each child drew his/her favorite tool on the board, and then they decorated pencils.”


Celebrating the Islamic New Year

Madaa celebrated with the children the Islamic New Year through a variety of activities. At the main branch of Wadi Hilweh, the staff presented a film about the Prophet's migration to Medina, and organized competitions for children on the subject of the Prophet's migration, after that children sang songs about the Prophet.

In Ein Al Loza - Silwan branch, the staff talked to the children about the memory of the Prophet's migration. Children learned about the values of the Islamic New Year: sacrifice, giving, responsibility, perseverance, commitment, sincerity, solidarity and brotherhood between Muslims. An event was organized on the Islamic (Hijri) and Gregorian months. The children solved crosswords related to the memory of the migration the main characters that migrated.

At Madaa Center, Batn Al Hawa branch, one of the children gave a speech about the Prophet's migration, which left a mark in the history of Islam and how our Prophet migrated from Mecca to Medina. The children watched the film “The Message”, and spoke with the staff about the honorable companions. The children chanted the song “The Full Moon has Risen Upon Us”, and they carried out an artistic activity, which is a model of cave Thur, which Prophet Mohammad and his companion Abu Bakr Al Siddiq had gone to.

In the meanwhile Madaa continues its courses offered to children, youth and women, and announced the opening of a series of new courses.

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