Madaa Creative Center - Silwan Celebrates Mother’s Day

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On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Madaa Creative Center- Silwan in its three branches (Wadi Hilweh, Ein Al Loza, and Batn Al Hawa) organized several activities for children. Madaa women also participated in an exhibition to display their products on this occasion.


Handmade Products Exhibition

At the Mount of Olives Club in the village of Al Tur, the women of Madaa participated in the Mother's Day handicrafts exhibition, in partnership with the Women's Center at Al Tur.

The deputy director of Madaa center, Sahar Abbasi, said: “The women of Madaa participated in a collection of handicrafts that they learned and made during the courses offered by the center, such as embroidery, accessories, perfumed soap, traditional foods and sweets.”

Abbasi added: “The aim of participating in this exhibition is to honor women and motivate them to continue working in handicrafts, especially after displaying and selling their products to the guests who attended the celebration. The exhibition was an opportunity for people to see the products that Madaa women create.”


Wooden frames for mothers

At the main branch of the center, Wadi Hilweh - Silwan, the staff organized several activities on the occasion of Mother's Day. Coordinator Hanadi Abbasi said: “We devoted the art class for making special frames for mother's day using wood, butterflies and ribbons; each child was creative in decorating the wooden frame s/he made for their mothers as a gift to her, and each child talked about how the gift would be presented to his/her mother.”


Greeting cards for mothers

At Madaa Center Ein Al Loza –Silwan branch, the staff organized several activities on the occasion of Mother's Day. Coordinator Abeer Abbasi said: “Every child spoke about their mother and made greeting cards for her. The purpose of these Mother's Day activities is to enlighten children of the importance of respecting and appreciating their mother, the importance of her role in the family, and to provide children with the values of righteousness and loyalty to their parents.”


Poetry about mothers

At Batn Al Hawa -Silwan branch, coordinator Nemati Sanad said: “Each child created a greeting card for their mother and decorated it with flowers; they wrote their own sayings and words on each one. The children chanted songs for mothers, then painted pictures of mothers and wrote words expressing their feelings towards her. The children gave a dance performance, and performed poetry.”

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