The Psychological and Social Department at Madaa Opens Courses and Workshops for Women and Youth

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The Social and Psychological Department at Madaa Creative Center recently launched a series of workshops for children, youth and women, including:


Political Violence

“Political violence” is a subject of one of the releasing, preventive and curative series of the workshop for a group of young people and their families. Its main objective is to break the barriers between young people and their parents, particularly boys and young men who have been subjected to political violence such as house arrest, detention, house demolition, deportation or the martyrdom of a relative or friend.  

Deputy Director of Madaa Center, Sahar Al Abbasi, said: “The children who have experienced harsh domestic imprisonment feel that their parents have become their jailers, which has created a negative relationship between sons and their parents. As well as children who have been arrested lose confidence in their parents when they fail to prevent the arrest that took place before their eyes, which creates in some people a state of emptiness and surrender. The aim of these courses is to restore the son's confidence in his family and in himself.”

“Self-discovery and Development”

The first of the series of political violence workshops was entitled “Self-discovery and Development”, where two meetings were held in the branches of Madaa Center, “the main branch in Wadi Hilwah and the branch of Ein Al Loza – Silwan”.

The meeting was attended by about 40 people from the target groups “children and young people subjected to political violence and their families”.

The social researcher at Madaa, Hanan Salim, said: “One of the objectives of the meeting is to direct feelings, thoughts and needs and deal with them in consciousness. As well as being aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and guiding them to plan for the future in a constructive way, and being able to make the right decisions, and finally to express their feelings and motivate them to trust their own abilities and become excellent at them, as well as accept themselves.”

Life Skills and Youth Empowerment

The Department also organized a series of meetings for a group of youth which was recently opened under the title “Life Skills and Youth Empowerment” that will include 15 meetings for boys and girls ages 14-17, in two branches of the center, “Wadi Hilweh main branch and Batn Al Hawa branch – Silwan”.

A few of the objectives of these meetings include: Self-management such as managing stress, time, control, relaxation, control of anger and social awareness, empathy, respect for others, conflict management and peer relationships in a positive way, making decisions through logic and correct thinking and being effective in society and building their trust correctly.

Women Group

The department has recently held meetings for groups of women in the center to help them learn about themselves and learn the importance of self-time, as well as ways to deal with their children. Another aim of these meetings is to give these women the opportunity to express and talk about their conflicts and struggles as well as their positive feelings, also to build relationships with others and to see that they are not going through a crisis alone. Another objective is to find solutions and skills to deal with themselves and their families.

The meetings are currently held in the main branch of Wadi Hilweh, and will be organized soon in the branch of Ein Al Loza - Silwan.

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