Madaa Children Explore the Animal World through Several Activities

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Madaa Creative Center Ein Al Loza branch-Silwan organized various activities related to the world of animals. These activities include:

  • Children identified the different types of fish by participating in drawing a painting containing types of fish in different colors. After finishing the painting, the staff talked to the children about “the benefits of fish, what they eat, what their body is covered with, how they breathe, how they are caught, and their different kinds.”

  • The identification of pets, where each child chose his favorite animal, painted it, talked about the reasons for his choice of the animal, then each child imitated the voice of the animal s/he chose.

  • Identify animal related professions such as veterinarians, zoo workers and others. In this activity, children also learned about different professions and talked about their dream job when they get older, then they painted it.

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