A Day for Sports at Madaa Center with the Participation of Tens of Children

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Madaa Creative Center- Silwan organized a day for sports in its three branches: “Main Branch Wadi Hilweh, Ein Al Loza Branch, and Batn Al Hawa branch” with the participation of tens of children.

“The Sports Day” included several activities. In the main branch of Wadi Hilweh the staff organized many sport games for children which included: The game of speed in picking things up where this game depends on teamwork as well as the need for focus and thinking skills, and a ball game that depends on the extent of a child's attention, and a loop game where children have to jump inside of loops, and a balloon game where every child blows the balloon until it pops, one of the main objectives of this game is to have children unwind.

At Ein Al Loza Branch, the sports day included morning exercises, and children played several games including a balloon game where children continue to try not to drop balloons on the ground, this game depends on cooperation between children. Another game was a ball game where the children were divided into two teams, they throw the ball to each other, and each team tries to prevent the other team from catching the ball, in addition to a number of other activities such as parachute, fisherman and the ring activity.

In Batn Al Hawa Branch, the Sports Day event was opened with sport exercises followed by many activities which included: “hop scotch, ball games and colored hoops, in addition to ball contests, basketball and egg and spoon game. The children also played a plastic cups game with a wooden stick placed in their mouth and reaching the last person in the team. The children danced and sang in an atmosphere full of enthusiasm.

The goal of organizing a sports day is to increase children's ability to work and develop muscles, and to introduce children to the importance of maintaining their health with age. Apart from the importance of sports in helping control emotions. Exercise makes children feel comfortable and relaxed, and stimulates intellectual awareness, such as attention and perception. Playing games through groups helps develop the spirit of participation and cooperation and children's awareness of the importance of belonging to a group.”

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