Madaa Creative Center Celebrates the Achievements of its Women and Children

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Madaa Creative Center organized an open day to celebrate the achievements of children and women in most areas offered by the Cultural Department. Tens of children and women from the center participated, and their families were present. They preformed numerous acts such as a circus show, Dabkeh dance performances, hymns and rap. They also presented an exhibition of their photographs, and the women presented an exhibition of their handicrafts.



The Cultural Department at Madaa Center has been organizing a learning session for the Dabkeh cultural dance for many months in all the branches of the Center, “Batn Al Hawa”, “Ein Al Loza”, and the main branch in “Wadi Hilweh”. During the celebration, they presented more than one Dabkeh performance to the tunes of songs that represent the Palestinian reality.



Over the course of seven months, a group of Madaa children have been trained to take photographs through a “Photography” course. Within the course they learned all kinds of photography: photography of nature, people, micro, urban and street life, abstract, silent life, black and white, night photography, and more through theoretical lessons and practical application. In the celebration, the children organized an exhibition in which they displayed their most prominent photographs which they shot throughout the course.


“Dandara” Band which was formed in 2011 in Madaa Center and which has produced several songs and performed concerts locally and abroad, today seeks to teach the art of rap to the children of Madaa through the weekly “Rap Course” in the Center. At the ceremony, the children from the rap course, who call themselves “Freedom of Dandra”, presented a performance of songs written by them.


The Woman Group

Are women who participate in the Center’s activities for women, such as the accessories course which refers to the sewing department that forms a portion of the products of the women who chose to learn the design of clothes in a modern way by incorporating in it the traditional embroidery and stitching in it the Palestinian identity which Madaa Center markets to the international and local community which keeps our traditional customs alive; these women have a source of income from it, in addition to handicrafts where they spin wool and produce woolen clothes. During the ceremony, the women presented an exhibition of their most prominent products.

Additionally, one of the students from the recitation course in the Center recited verses from the Holy Quran, and a group of children sang Palestinian hymns, and a song called “The Darkness of the Prison” where the audience stood in honor of the prisoners who are in occupation jails. The children of the music course gave a musical performance using the violin. The children of the circus presented a special performance accompanied by the drum. At the end of the ceremony, the children and women received certificates of completion of the various courses they participated in during the past months and years.

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