Madaa Center Launches a Workshop for Jewelry Making and Recycling

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Madaa Creative Center launched a training workshop on making women's jewelry and recycling within the project “More Professional Job Opportunities”.

The training will involve about 20 women, who will be trained to manufacture women's jewelry and use neglected materials to make and decorate the jewelry, and thus benefit from them and market them.

The project which will be implemented during the year, aims at helping women and young people to strengthen their role in society, and helps them to engage in the work field. It containsseveral training courses, including psychological and social support exercises, and training how to organize and manage projects, and personal skills, as well as the use of media and technology to market products, in addition to professional exercises that include jewelry making. 

It is mentioned that Madaa Center is implementing the project on behalf of the Association of Sawa Sawa institutions and is organized by the Palestinian Foundation for Empowerment and Local Development, “REFORM